My name is Jeffrey Eisenband and this is my blog. I have an infinite number of opinions on the way the world runs and want to post some of them on this blog. Please follow along.

Also, I need readers to help me going up with a name for my blog. Right now, the front-runner is Jeff’s Eisenblog, but if anyone has anything better, please tell me.


2 comments on “About

  1. Jeff, I am very impressed with the blog. Great article about the U.S Men’s side against Brazil. I think Bradley leaving to coach Aston Villa would simply encourage other American born players to play over seas. While the coach of a team can vary, the players and the talent usually remain constant, so Bradley’s possible departure should not propose any iminent threat to the stars and stripes. Don’t for get the Yanks were also without Charlie Davies at the recent World Cup. Who won that by the way? Same country that’s been dominating in Tennis, and just won the Tour de France? Just be thankful you still have Basketball….Oh wait, Pau Gasol’s been running that show too. Once again Jeff, congrats on the new blog, I love it. (Viva España)

  2. I was very hurt by the comment that the Northwestern journalism program was the best summer you ever had . . . I think Scotty Williams and Brian Devlin would strongly object

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